Make your company visible!

Personal and customized marketing advice

A business full of customers, an agenda full of appointments, thousands of website visitors per month, how do you do that?

To run a business you need customers because without customers you don't even have a business. This is what you use marketing for.

Marketing is a very broad concept and is mainly described as "all activities that a company carries out to promote the sale of products or services" Marketing is therefore essential for your company.

We personally guide you in your marketing strategy so that you know exactly which steps you can take to make your company visible and sell your product.

Personal assistance

We help you personally with setting up a clear marketing strategy.

Custom action list

You will receive a personal action list to work with step by step for each month.

Motivation mails

We stay in touch and send you motivational messages to help you achieve your goals.

A super strong

Marketing starts with setting goals and creating a strategy. In a personal online call we talk about your company, your wishes and your current situation. Then we get started to create a clear strategy that you can implement step by step yourself.

We meet each other every month and every month you can move forward with your marketing plan based on your personal action list. In between we send messages to keep you on the right track and to take action.

Eric Hossen
Capri ijs en delicatessen

"We have been working with Dev and Des for a long time. Thanks to their help, our mailing list has grown by 200%."

Anne Cuppers

"Professional and personal! We have benefited greatly from the work that Dev and Des did for our cause!"

Mahalia van der Waal
Online Ontspannen

"Super service! I experience a lot of attention for my wishes. They actively contribute to good solutions and good results."

Are we going to work together?

Then your success story will soon be above this too ..

We guide you personally with your marketing strategy and together we build strong marketing tunnels.

  • Intake
  • Personal marketing guidance online
  • Motivation support
  • Action list (to get started immediately)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you expect from us?

After we have received your information, we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an intake interview. This conversation will go via telephone or Skype. In this conversation we want to get to know you better. Who are you? What do you want to achieve with this advice? What do you encounter? And so on. During this conversation we want to formulate a clear goal to get you started. An intake interview takes approximately one hour / one and a half hours.

Motivation support
Because of daily life you can sometimes forget something. You will receive a weekly e-mail from us to remind you that you are working on your action list and working on your marketing goals.

Personal marketing guidance
We plan our first session after the intake interview. Every month we have an online call of 45 minutes via Skype. During these calls we will set up a clear strategy based on the goals we have set during the intake interview. Together we make a clear step-by-step plan to achieve these goals.

Action list
After every call, you will receive an action list within 24 hours by e-mail with all the concrete points that we have discussed and with which you will be working next month.